401(k) Fee Disclosure; Develop a Communication Strategy

Understanding New 401(k) Fee Disclosures in 2012; hot to communicate them.

Please join us for an on-demand webinar where we help employers understand the 401(k) landscape inside the new world of fee disclosure known as 404 (a) (5). These 401(k) fee disclosures will be shown to your participants beginning August 2012 in a fashion they have never before seen.

Let us help you create a communication path with your employees to help them understand what these fees are, what they cover, and what value your plan receives for incurring such fees. Without such communications, your employees may not fully understand your 401(k) service provider’s value and thus become frustrated or even upset.

To view our recent blog article on this topic: click here

Where: Online Session
When: On Demand

Register: On Demand Webinar

  • David Gratke

    David Gratke 

    Mr. Gratke is CEO of Gratke Wealth, LLC 'Life is complicated. Retirement doesn’t have to be' We understand that our clients are busy and don’t have the time to manage their company’s 401(k) plan. We help them put all the pieces in place so their company’s hard earned dollars are optimally at work.

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  • Gratke Wealth, LLC

    Gratke Wealth, LLC 

    HELPING YOUR TEAM GROW Gratke Wealth helps companies, teams and individuals move from success to significance with beyond active financial planning advice and management. Our job is to help your team develop a wealth management plan that spans all phases of the financial process – getting started, optimizing what’s already in place and rebuilding the plan structure. Many facets of financial planning impact each other. We’ll help you bring your team to one table. Life is complicated. Retirement doesn’t have to be We understand that our clients are busy and don’t ha

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  • Retirement Plan Advisory Group

    Retirement Plan Advisory Group 

    Gratke Wealth is proud member of the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG). Together we are the largest retirement plan consulting practice group in America, including: 370 subscribing firms, to include Gratke Wealth, with 740 independent advisors united in a get-it-done culture Extensive presence in 47 states with national brand reach and reputation $100 billion in collective assets under advisement; 25,000 plans under meticulous care We maintain one of the largest database of national 401(k) service providers Seasoned management team awarded fo

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