When I am asked,

‘David, what are your account minimums?

The inquiring party is surely expecting to hear a numeric response; while that is important with respect to time management, I have found that without the following ‘account minimums’ no relationship between myself and the prospective client can ever be developed. History has shown this to be a true statement.

Core values our clients possess:

  • Prospective client knows what I do/They know they need the help of a financial professional
  • Prospective client is willing to outsource, they refer to someone with greater expertise.
  • Prospective client is willing to take advice
  • Prospective client is willing to implement the advice
  • Prospective client values the advice and their relationship with their advisor(s).
  • Prospective client is willing to pay for the advice-Pay for the added value in their lives.

Without these ‘core values’ the enduring relationship that both the prospective client and I are seeking, is not going to happen.