Get Fit! Employee Financial Wellness

  • Stay financially fit is no different than staying healthy and physically fit. Studies show that employees that are ‘financially fit’ are better employees. They exhibit increased productivity and performance.  However, there is a retirement crisis in America.

    • ● 50% of all working employees have NO access to a company retirement plan
    • ● Of the 50% that do have access, only 1/3 are saving inside of a company retirement plan
    • ● Of that 1/3, only 11% are saving enough.


    In June 2012, the Federal Reserve released a study showing that Americans saw wealth plummet by 39% from 2007 to 2010. American’s net worth is back to 1992 levels; $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010.

    Yes we have a retirement crisis in America.

    How do we solve that problem? Employee Financial Fitness is that answer.

    Financial Fitness-The reality

    Below are a leading cause of employee stress








    Source: Financial Finesse

    It is reported that 60% of employee illness is caused by financial stress!
    Go here to read a study on this matter.

    NPR recently (Feb. 2013) created a series,

    More Americans Working Past Retirement Age as shown in the graphic to the right.







    Source: NPR

    Time to ‘Get Fit’, Why Now?

    • ●Lower employee health care costs
    • ●Increased employee productivity and performance
    • ●Greater employer and employee satisfaction within the workplace
    • ●Lower risk of employee delaying retirement

    Financial Fitness- Boot Camp for Employers

    • ● Is your retirement plan running optimally? How do you measure that?
    • ● Are your retirement plan expenses within acceptable industry standards? How do you measure that?
    • ● Is your team within all the fiduciary guidelines with respect to ERISA? How do you measure that?
    • ● Is your retirement plan preparing your employees fully for retirement? How do you measure that?


    Perform an Independent Fiduciary Review of your plan.

    First is to evaluate any fees , hidden or otherwise associated with your plan First is to evaluate any fees, hidden or otherwise that are associated with the plan and investments and make sure those fees are in line with accepted industry standards.

    Second is to evaluate the performance and appropriateness of the investments in the plan and ensure your firm is acting in accordance with the investment policy statement.

    Last, evaluate the steps you and your current service providers are taking to ensure you are meeting your fiduciary obligations.


    Financial Fitness- Boot Camp for Employees

    • ● Are you on track to retire successfully? How do you measure that?
    • ● Does your plan allow to to measure whether you are on track to retire successfully? How do you measure that?
    • ● Will your retirement account provide you the necessary income in retirement? How do you measure that?


    Evaluate your retirement account to ensure that your company’s plan is structured to provide the best possible outcome in retirement.

    1. 1. Evaluate and measure your current balance against your needed balance at retirement
    2. 2. Evaluate and measure your projected income at retirement



    Contact Gratke Wealth to ‘enroll’ in your ‘get fit’ boot camp training program today. Start your independent third-party Fiduciary Retirement Plan Review today. Measure your employee’s readiness for retirement! Get Fit!



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