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Welcome to the Payment Center

This page allows you to pay for the annual Family Financial Website membership subscription, and learn about the service as well.

Services Provided:

Base membership: $100 per year
Paid via Gratke Wealth, LLC PayPal, Inc account

Services below will be billed separately, each quarter, calculated by Blueleaf, Inc.

  • Portfolio Monitoring-Bring your ‘outside assets’ into Gratke Wealth, LLC Portfolio reporting system. Download  a sample report here.
  • Targeted Financial Guidance-Obtain advice from Gratke Wealth, LLC on a part, or all, of your ‘outside assets’.
  • Weekly Updates-weekly emails to keep you posted on your progress.

Fee: 3/10 of one percent, per year, expressed as 0.30% annually, 0.075% quarterly

All Services to be paid by invoice via Gratke Wealth, LLC’s PayPal, Inc. account.

Please use PayPal to make your Annual Membership Payment. Quarterly services will be invoiced at a later date.

Click ‘subscribe’ button below to access payment system. You do not need a PayPal account to complete this task.


P.S. Be ready with the following information once you receive your login credentials!

  • Name of financial institution
  • Whether or not you have accessed these accounts online
  • If you have accessed these accounts online, the web address of the page you use to login
  • If you don’t access these accounts online, the institution’s street address, city, and state
  • Total number of accounts you hold at the institution
  • Type of each account you hold (e.g. IRA, brokerage, checking)

Thank You!

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