“Performance is a function of sound processes. Without them, all is by chance.”

What is your favorite sport? Imagine you owned your favorite sports team and wished to win the championship. How would you go about it? Does the team owner sitting in the sky box step down to the field to throw the ball? Most likely not. Rather, they compose a team with the right processes designed to win.

My client is that team owner. They hire a general manager to execute the vision of the owner and to see that their winning vision is realized.

We like to see our self as the “GM” for your winning championship.

Does your team’s GM run the ball down field? Most likely not. They hire a coaching staff to create the plays. We like to call these asset allocation strategists. These professional team members create the “plays” in order to move the ball towards victory. It is the coaching staff, or strategists,¬†that hire the players to execute the playbook — both offensively and defensively.

In the world of finance and investment, the players are the independent, institutional-quality money managers that execute the plays on behalf of the team owner — my client.

It is through these processes that success is created, measured, monitored — and sustained.