GRATKE WEALTH | Making It Easier to “Stay Successful”


When markets become as volatile and as confusing as they’ve been, even the most patient investor begins to question their current investment plan. We know because we’ve been working with investors just like you for twenty three years.

We’ve seen markets come and go, rise and fall. And we can empathize with you ‘patience-running-thin’ folks who begin to find their financial and retirement plan structure troublesome. We’d like to help. Come meet us for a cup of coffee, and a second opinion. Together we’ll outline your team’s financial goals, review your portfolio and begin discussing options for getting your next step, whatever that looks like to you.

If we find your plan is well structured to meet your long term and lifestyle goals – in spite of the economic climate, we’ll tell you so and send you on your way. If, on the other hand, we can find potential to optimize your plan because it may no longer fit with your goals, we’ll lay it on the table for you and get started recommending some alternatives. Either way, we’ll make it simple and the coffee’s on us.


We believe in portfolio balance. With this in mind, we can help you plan for, optimize and balance your financial and retirement needs that can shelter your wealth and create tax-exempt retirement plans for your team’s future.


Our PerfectDay planning process will help your team develop a wealth management plan that spans all phases of the process – getting started, optimizing what’s already in place and rebuilding the plan structure. Many facets of financial planning impact each other. We’ll help you bring your team to one table.


We have a complete PerfectDay process designed to help you reach the “perfect day”, however that looks to you.

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