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Welcome; The Need for Holistic Advice

The Family Financial Website will allow you, the client, to create, for the very first time, a holistic view of your entire ‘financial picture’. You will be able to receive targeted financial guidance from Gratke Wealth on any or all of your financial positions regardless of the location of your investments.

As an example; get help managing self-directed accounts such as your employer sponsored 401(k) plan or employer sponsored stock option plans. By having a complete view of your financial picture of your assets, you will be ‘educated, empowered and enlightened’ to make better, more targeted decisions about your financial life!

Family Financial Websites uses unmatched security – Family Financial Websites leverages the same technology that is used by the world’s leading financial institutions to safeguard Internet banking portals, so we at Gratke Wealth and our clients can be sure their data is protected.

The benefit to you includes complete monitoring and management of your entire financial portfolio. Receive accurate and targeted financial guidance by Gratke Wealth thereby increasing your probability for financial success. No overlapping of activities, no gaps in activities.

The Family Financial Website now includes a secure document vault for you to place key family documents and share them with trusted family members and key advisors.

Our Family Financial Website addresses the need for holistic financial advice, to our core philosophy of acting in the client’s best interest, we are pleased to be of service to you so that you may….

Plan Well, Retire Happy