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Europe's Energy Crisis: 'Letter Choice D' ... All of the Above, Fall 2022

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In recent weeks and months, the energy situation in Europe has become dire. This topic is something we monitor daily and have discussed for some time, most recently in our ‘Mid-Year 2022 Review’. 

Before I get into the matters over in Europe, I’ll state right here at the start I very much like the asset allocation strategies for our clients as it relates to Europe and possible spillover into U.S. or global financial markets. More on that later in this newsletter. As you read through our newsletter, know that some of our core ‘hard assets’ commodity holdings include energy producers and natural gas via our various holdings. As always, we would be pleased to review our views with you.

Now.. why ‘Letter Choice D’.. All of the above?

Europe’s energy crisis is a combination, or a perfect storm if you will, of policies and decisions made as far back as multi-decades ago and exacerbated with supply chain problems (which COVID brought to the fore) and most recently, of course, Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. Both those two latter countries are natural resources rich in the areas of both food (agriculture) and energy.

Thus, Europe’s energy problems are, well.. all of the above. Limited supply, no change in demand, prices move higher.